Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April: Goals

Although the title looks ominous, I thought writing down the things I want to achieve this month would give me some perspective and focus. It will also help me put all those things floating in my head undergo a feasibility test. ( Does this line make any sense at all?) So without much ado, here it goes:

Evil first - All things on the buy list:

-Bed with Storage drawers (Ok BEB, we have discussed this earlier, The BED is going to HAVE drawers. period.)
-Sewing Machine

To Do list - Some of these I have been putting off like forever

-Send the required papers to lawyers
-Organize the Bookshelf
-Plow the small area in the yard that I have earmarked for gardening, grow some plants
-Henna - my hair is badly in need of some pampering
-Change the address on my Insurance policy - I have been putting this one off for an year - Can't believe it!
-Plan at least 1 trip - May be San Diego

Thats all I can think of right now. See just writing it down made it look so simple.
I'll follow this one up with another post in May first week. Till then I have got some work to do...and..other posts to write about.

PS: Btw, Any suggestions on the sewing machine, I'm sure there are many fantastic artsists here who love to sew. Which is your best pal when it comes to sewing. Please share.

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