Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April: End of Month status

So April says goodbye today, and I'm glad to report that I've not done badly (as I feared mid April). Although I have fallen behind on the "Things to buy" category, I have done well on my "To do" list. I will cut myself some slack for the "Things to buy" category because we are planning to go to India in second week of May, so we have spent the budget allocated for bed and GPS on gifts for our loved ones. Although trip to India is going to be a big, big expense...I am not too worried about it because I'll be seeing my family after such a loooong time.

So over to my list -
1) documents for lawyers - it turned out to be trickier than I had guessed but finally on April 28 I could submit them the dcoument in the format they had wanted. They still need a few improvements and I'm working on it, but this is like 80% achieved. Given the complexity of task it was a big achievement.

2) Organise the bookshelf - Check

3) Henna - Done and then some - I could henna my hair twice this month, and now my hair good.

4)Plow the soil and grow some plants - couldn't do much there, a couple of times when I tried, the soil was too hard for that. Now I don't want to do it, because we'll be gone in May anyway, the plants would have died, even I had grown them.

5) Change the address on my insurance policy - negative, couldn't do it earlier and now realize that there's no need to do it anymore, I'll be closing this account once I get back to India.

Okay, so now it looks like I did slip a bit on my "To do" list as well. The biggest factor was this unplanned trip to India, I knew we were going to go soon, I just didn't know that we'll be going as early as May. And reminded me of another change that has occurred in our plans...we are planning to buy a house in India, as opposed to our earlier plan to buy one in US. That is our biggest goal for May, lets see how it goes.

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