Thursday, April 17, 2008

April : Half month pulse check

April is proving to be a crazy month, with the money disappearing like snow from Lake Tahoe. I am feeling like we had spent the rest of the year being too frugal, so all of our big ticket expenses have bunched together and they look ominous now. These not the things that we 'need' as in we will freeze to death or starve without them, but the things that both I and BEB think would be nice to have, and we have been thinking this for a while now. The result...
A trip to Ikea, and a decent set of patio furniture lands in our yard, setting us back by about 150 $. This wasnt necessary, but its spring in California and we have recently moved to a house with a yard. Delaying this purchase for a month and letting the beautiful spring go wouldn't have made much sense, so we just got the furniture. Now, how we loaded everything in our midsized 4 door car, is an interesting story, for some other time.

The one thing that I made progress on was buying a sewing machine, I had longed for so long. It took us about 75 $ but I felt so excited reading the manual and trying to thread it and make some demo stitches. Since I didn't get a chance to research it I just decided to go with the most basic model.

On my to do list too there's some movement. I tried sending required documents to lawyers but they dont seem to like them ( or is it me). I'm on the verge of giving up and asking them to just go ahead without these documents and pray for me :-/ We'll see how it goes.

About ploughing the small area in the yard, I tried doing that on Sunday, the land was so dry that my spade didn't work. I have decided to water it for a while to make the soil soft and then let my spade loose on the moist soil.

And Henna! Well yeah I soaked Henna last Friday, thinking I would be able to Henna my hair Saturday, it is still in the soaking mug, now I am rooting for tomorrow (Friday), hopefully I'll find
a wedge of time somewhere to do it.

So I am doing miserably on all my goals right now, but April is not over yet. Like the underdog team of a sports movie, just wait and watch out for me. Come May 1st, I'll turn the corner and achieve all my goals and then some. You just wait and watch.

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