Monday, March 31, 2008

Lost and found

Its difficult to admit, and I still can't believe I did such a foolish thing, but I did. I left my wallet at Kohl's counter on Saturday... there I said it. To make the matter worse, I didn't realize that it was missing until today afternoon. Even then I couldn't believe that I might have left it while shopping, I searched it at home, in office, in other bags. It certainly helped that we just did our spring cleaning so there was no clutter where it could possibly go hiding. Once, I couldn't locate it in home, the idea of me leaving it at Kohl's counter begun to seem more and more viable. Still, to be safe I called up and blocked my charge card. When BEB came to know of the missing wallet, he offered to drive me to the Kohl's and ask about it.
And rest was easy, the store was almost deserted when we reached there, the customer service had two nice ladies, who made a couple of calls and asked someone to get my wallet there. A nice gentleman came and after asking my name, he handed me my wallet. I was so relieved. I'll try to be more careful with this thing in the future. A lost wallet could easily mean stolen identity here.

And a big THANK YOU to all the nice people at Kohl's. You guys rock!!!

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Mrs Nespy said...

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