Wednesday, April 23, 2008


My former manager once commented:

"Such is life, you keep juggling multiple things and then sometime they fall off, you sit down for a moment pick them up and start juggling again."

I am feeling that I'm at such a point again where the things have fallen off my hand. I'm trying to remember this conversation, in order to focus that not everything is lost by this minor diversion and that we would be bouncing back soon.

Last week I had this pain in my shoulder which bothered me enough to work from home for 2 days. I am trying to be careful not to let it get worse again, so I'm keeping my household business to a minimum, which means a no breakfast preparation, no exercise and not much other extra activity.

I feel bad about this, exercising was a routine that me and Blue Eyed Boy picked up during last christmas holidays, and I have kept at it with all the enthusiasm I could muster. Top this up with a hearty homemade breakfast, and we had the healthiest routine ever.

But now I am just afraid that if I work for long hours or stretched myself too much, this pain may get worse and I don't want to get there. Plus there is a lot of work to finish before first week of May, that I cannot afford to take leave from office. I'm just hoping that I would be able to insert a wee bit of exercise from next week onwards, but this week we are just getting to the office as early as we can and get out in the evening early so that I can get proper rest in the evenings.

Let's hope that I can bounce back to the healthy routine next week.

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