Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Positive changes made recently

I have made many positive changes to my lifestyle recently. Just thought of documenting them so that I can keep them up, and after a while look back and smile.

  • Started running instead of biking. I just felt that since my body is so used to of biking, I needed to do something more intensive for the extra calories that I need to burn.
  • Started going to the gym in the morning. I found that those pounds came off real quick when I used to go to the gym. (Note to self : Start attending the free aerobics classes as well)
  • Trying to get back to preparing and having breakfast daily. I tripped on this one when we moved to the new place in April.
  • Do at least one extra thing for any part of my body. Yesterday it was massage for my hair.
  • Reduce the intake of "Chai". I discovered that I have become a tea addict when we went for an outing and I had a headache just because I didn't have my evening tea. Now I'm trying to knock off tea from my evening routine. Once I am done with this, I'll tackle the morning tea. Right now preparing tea is the first thing I do every morning....without fail.

Things that I need to start doing

  • Drink more water everyday
  • Start eating salads with every meal
  • Remember to carry the bag while going shopping. I used to do this earlier, now I tend to forget often.

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