Friday, June 6, 2008

Looking Good

This can be attributed as a good start for the month of June. We have finally sat down and made a monthly budget for ourselves, make that budgets. When we chalked out our first budget on the basis of our last year's spendings and projected expenses, BEB wasn't very happy with it. His argument was that if we plan for some extra expenses in our budget, we'll actually end up spending it. My argument was that if we plan for just the exact amount that we spend every month there will be no room to accommodate changes, and we'll end up dipping into the money that is allocated for various savings and investment options. Since both the arguments felt right, we resorted to making 2 budgets, the realistic budget and the targeted budget. BEB also came up with several creative ideas on how to lower our spending in some areas. The big surprise for me was that BEB got really excited about this whole budget thing and was ready to adjust the spendings to get to the targeted budget. One good thing that we came to know was that the budget turned out to be quite close to what we thought we were spending. Maintaining a detailed account of every expense does have some benefits apparently. Now, I can't wait to see how well we do with our targeted budget this month.

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