Thursday, June 19, 2008

Perseverence Giveth, Impulse taketh away

BEB was having laptop blues lately. His laptop charger was not working ever since we came back from India. He tried to fix the problem himself, some careful investigation told that the jack of the charger which connects it to the laptop was dead. I asked him to get a new charger for his laptop so that he can surf happily again. He replied that he wasn't willing to spend 30$ on something that was fully functional but for a 2-3 $ part. So he searched and searched for a right sized jack, on my laptop of course :( He could find some in the online stores but then he sould have to pay shipping, which he didn't want to pay. He searched in his office if he could find a jack lying around somewhere, which was not useful for the owner, no luck!! Finally he found it in the nearby Fry's store, where he had to practically convince the salespersons that they do have it in their stock...:D

So he came back with the jack and tried to connect it himself, oops...didn't work. As always he had a backup plan, he took the jack, charger and laptop to his office and requested his lab technician to solder it, which she happily did.

In the middle of the day I get a call from hubby, the laptop is back to life and the charger is good to go. His resourcefulness and perseverence paid off, even when all his friends told him that it won't work. He saved us a pretty penny ( 30$ vs. 95c ) and got the satisfaction of proving himself.

On the other hand one impulsive purchase and we were out of 30 $ of our hard earned money. Last weekend we went to Sears to snag that nice Dockers deal that everyone seems to be talking about ($75 gas card on purchase of $100). We wanted some tshirts for BEB and thought this would be a good chance to save money. It sure was a popular deal, 'coz they didn't have even a single Dockers tshirt that would fit him. While returning we just thought of taking a look at the food processors they had available in their appliance section. The 'look' ended up costing us 208$, but that wasn't the end of the story. After we bought it from Sears we found that pretty much every other store was selling it for at least 30$ less. Had we waited a bit and did our research properly, we would have saved at least 30$ on it. Because of Sears' weird price match policy we found it difficult to get price matched to other stores.

These two incidents within a week really put the results of impulsive shopping and buying after doing your homework in perspective. Perseverence giveth, Impulse taketh away.

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