Friday, June 20, 2008

Nice safeway deals

Safeway is offering its best deals on some items that we routinely use:

FreshExpress spinach and other salads (18 oz pack) - 1/$1. I use spinach to prepare tens of recipes so I always stock up whenever these are on deal.
Eating Right baby carrots - 1lbs/$1. These make a great office snack in our household. We definitely load up on these, specially because the carrots last long in the fridge.
Cantaloupe - These absolutely delicious summer treats are also 1/$1.

All these deals are good through Tuesday June 24, 2008. These are going on in Northern California, not sure about whether its the same all over.

I have kept checking price for these things for an year now, this is as good as it gets ( unless you've some coupons, which, I have hardly seen anywhere). So what are you waiting for, pack some vitamin and iron, get those goodies!

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