Thursday, February 28, 2008

A week of freebies

I so wanted to blog about this week's happenings, but its been a truly crazy week. I have been almost flooded with work in the office, and things at home that needed immediate attention. It didn't help that the BEB was equally busy, though he did his best to shoulder responsibilities. Rants apart, this has also been a week of freebies.

It all started with a coupon that I noticed in the Saturday's newspaper. Office Depot offered a $5 off $5 coupon. And I wanted to buy a file with multiple pockets for a long while. So we went and bought one on Sunday, with the coupon it cost us 2$.

In the evening we went to a nearby Indian store for grocery shopping. While BEB was checking out I thought of checking out their small DVD library. I found a dvd that I had wanted to watch for a long time. So I asked them how much it would cost me to rent it. Surprise Surprise!! It was free because our bill was more than $20.

Wednesday, I get a mail that a bank which had affiliation with my company had a promotion under which they were giving $100 gas cards for opening a new account with them. I always wanted to open an account with them, so I went ahead and signed up, and got the card. When hubby came to pick me up, we noticed that his car's tank was almost empty, so we went to the gas station and filled up the tank with the card. While we were about to drive off, I noticed that they were offering a free cleaning cloth if we filled more than 10 gallon. Since we had bought more than that, hubby asked and got the cleaning cloth. He didn't give it to me though, kept it for his car. hmmm!!!

Same day, I just thought of checking out my office mail box. I usually don't get anything in office mail because all my correspondence comes at home. But there it was! a vial of perfume sitting in my mailbox. I ordered it for free during a promotion and completely forgot about it.

Today, we again went to the same Indian grocery store and our bill was again barely over 20, but we got the free DVD. So now we have a free maid in our house "Maid in Manhattan" that is.

Also, did I mention that I got my first compensation for partcipating in a survey. So yeah! Life's good. Even with all the boatloads of work coming my way. :)

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