Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Learning the ropes...and getting a hang of it

Okay so I have been away from the action for a while. This has happened because of the move, as well as a trip that we took with our friends. But now that dust has settled (not literally..fortunately) after the move, I am back in the groove. (Wow! this rhymes well)
Off late I had been collecting coupons wherever I could find them, and that is well...everywhere. The newspaper, mailbox, magazines, emails, stores and at other bloggers. I hadn't really used them except for a couple of things (savings of like 2$). But this Sunday, I found that I was going to run out of a couple of toiletries very soon. Since we were going to go to Walgreens anyway, I thought of stocking up on all my washing and cleaning supplies as well. So I took my bundle of coupons and worked my way through the aisles. When I checked out, I paid 73$...please don't gasp, I am a newbie, remember...and I'm learning the ropes. What the good part was...I saved 22$ by using coupons. And I got a 2$ RR back. Which I used today, so thats a 24$ savings. There are still a couple of things that I could have done better:

-Check out the Walgreens easy saver insert. I didn't do that and today I found that there were indeed a couple of good deals on the things I bought Sunday.

-I should have read Money Saving Mom's Walgreens 101. It was an eye opener for me. If you're going to shop at Walgreens, its a must read.

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