Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yoghurt cups: Recycle and reuse

Yoghurt cups are just perfect for reuse and recycling. Nice tumbler like shape, they usually come with a cap and are sturdy enough for most household storage. I use them atleast 4-5 times before I say goodbye to any of those. Here're a few things I use them for:

For storing leftover dough, cut vegetables or leftovers in the fridge.

For keeping lentils and beans for germination. (Go here for my post on sprouted beans)

For storing knick-knacks like buttons, coins etc.

For mixing my various homemade hair and face masks. They are handy because lot of these recipe call for yoghurt and I just use a yoghurt cup with last bit of yoghurt in it and then just toss it after I'm done. That way I don't even need to wash the cup before reusing it.

A lot of my yoghurt cups end up in my container garden, I use them for growing seeds or just plant a couple of small plants with smaller life span. The picture I have shows fenugreek plants in the cups. Fenugreek is a popular Indian herb which is used a lot in Indian cuisine.


Frugal Wench said...

I have one word of caution on using the leftover yogurt for making your masks, etc. DO NOT EAT DIRECTLY OUT OF THE CUP BEFOREHAND. The bacteria from your mouth will be transferred to the yogurt, and then to your face.

learning the ropes said...

Thanks for your advice frugal wench. I usually don't eat out of yoghurt cups. Actually we never eat plain yoghurt anyway, I use it as an ingredient for many recipes though.