Monday, August 25, 2008

Make It From Scratch Carnival #78: Let's Party Tonight

Ok! its party time here! With ideas pouring in from all over I have never had it this easy. Organizing this party is going to be a breeze. Lets see....

We can make it a costume party and keep a Greek theme. Costumes shows how to dress up like a Greek God or Godess. If you want to color your hair for the party we show here how to do it using natural hair dye - Henna. You may also want to condition your hair using Olive oil : The ultimate hair conditioner, as Funny about Money shows here.

Whats a party without yummy, mouth watering food? This party is doing really well in that area.

Our party fare features Fried Green Tomatoes from the Copy editor's, and homemade pancakes made by The Fat Bottomed Girl. Tomatoes seem to be the theme on the table as My Daily Dollars comes up with the $3.00 Dinner for Four, with homegrown tomatoes. These tomato recipes will go well with the pita bread made by Happy to be at home.
We have Stop the ride to thank when it comes to bringing the exotic on the table, she brought Staghorn Sumac for the party.
For desert you can have handmade chocolate chip cookies, brought to you by Our red house. Or you can satisfy your sweet tooth with Ice-cream pie that Sunflowers in my kitchen has brought or this Zucchini- Squash cake made by Praiseworthy Things. You will also have the choice of having Apple Cinnamon pancakes made by Lisa.


These get together are for people to sit down and talk their hearts out with friends. Since we have quite a few entrepreneurs here it is a good time to discuss Bootstrapping or Fund raising kicked off by Gyaan Sutra.
Mom Cooks Recipes that Rock tells us about how to eat healthy in restaurants.

The butterfly pattern brought by Nini Makes sets the cheerful mood for the party.

Return Gifts:

For return gifts we have used the ideas from Frugality in the Making, she's suggested some cute gifts for the
but I have appropriated the ideas to use them for return gifts. And to those who need a bag to carry the gifts home, we are offering these t-shirt bags as shown by Not the Jet Set.


Don't you hate it when it comes to cleaning after all the celebration ends? Well not anymore, Hearth and Home shows how to make a carpet cleaner that would clean the toughest of stains and is environment friendly. Cleanup is also aided with this Star Dishcloth made by My Recycled Bags. RN Central comes up with 99 Ways to make your home healthy, the list is loaded with great ideas for clean-up as well as great tips for keeping good health. Okay, I still have to DO the cleaning but I hope it will be faster than ever now.


I had a nice time at today's party, hope you enjoyed yourself too. Feels Like Home is going to host Make it from scratch carnival #79 next week. Don't forget to check out the wonderful posts and ideas.


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