Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Weekends and "cool hangout" fundamentalists

Last weekend was the nicest weekend in a longtime. What did we do? Nothing. Thats the whole point.

I can't begin to tell how very relaxing it was, not having to get up early, not having any social-do, travel plans or any other activity lined up for the weekend. I just got up late, tended to the plants in my tiny garden, had a leisurely tea with BEB, then we went to the farmer's market and library for a while ( I dozed off while BEB browsed the books :o). At home I just lay down on the sofa and watched the day turning into afternoon, just chatting with BEB about nothing, watched movies on my laptop without really paying them much attention. Whenever we felt hungry I just got up and made us some snack that we both love. Thats all that we did this weekend and boy! was I glad. I was so content and happy and ready for the weekdays.

If I have my way I'll just spend every weekend like that. The problem however is that world is full of radical "travelers" or "cool hangout" least our friend circle is. Our friends think that its weird that we don't feel like "doing anything" on weekend. In their opinion, on weekends (on all holidays for that matter) one is supposed to go out, hit the road, go to some 'destination', do some 'activity', its not 'cool' to just stay home and chill...even if you have to chill-out you better do it at some bar or club. I know, I can just ignore their advice and have it my own way, but after a while it really gets you. This is a kind of peer pressure that is not much different from what you experience in high-school.
After a while I have really started introspection of myself, is it really abnormal that I don't want to go to all those tourist places ( who cares if I'm not outdoor kind of person, thats un-cool anyway), are we missing out on something really big by being within the confines of our good old neighborhood (Yosemite here I come!), are we really living ( and smelling the roses, soaking in the sunshine...the works) or merely getting by ( never mind the rushed two day trips 500 miles away, thats living). These kind of questions keep me awake at night and I grudgingly agree to trudge along with the friends wherever they are going next for 'living'.

I am not saying that traveling is not good, that hitting the bars is bad, but maybe...just maybe..its not for everyone. Maybe I'm one of those who are still 'alive' and happy when they are home, or maybe I really am weird.

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