Monday, May 5, 2008

Wanting something and not getting it

It has been a ritual now. Every time we go to Fry's ( and we go there a lot), after we have got the stuff we need, BEB walks over to the GPS aisle, looks at all the different GPS(s) reads their specs carefully and then goes to the check-out counter. He likes the Garmin GPS but he doesn't buy it. Even when I say that its ok, we've waited enough for it, and prices have also come down a bit, we can buy it now. This behavior seemed bizarre to me...until yesterday.
I was telling about this to a friend yesterday and BEB was there. After I was done BEB simply said "I dont buy the things that I want because if I buy it, I 'll have to find something else to look forward to." Everyone laughed, but in retrospect, I feel there's some truth to it. If we keep getting everything we want, the moment we want, it will take the joy away from life.

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