Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July: Half month pulse check (Not looking good edition)

July: Half month pulse check (Not looking good edition)
Ok so, we are halfway through July and the first half of July is not looking good as far as budget is concerned. We have already spent all the money allocated for the month in our targeted budget, and I would be happy if we match our realistic budget. My concern is not that we exceeded our budget, because whatever we spent on, we paid in full already, we are not in debt of any kind.My concern stems from the fact that this is the second month we will not be meeting our budget and if that continues to happen we'll have to revise our budget which would mean that we wont be able to meet our savings targets. That is something I won't like to see happening.
Biggest budget breakers:
Furniture - We bought most of our furniture between last week of June and first week of July. That had put an additional 1200$ on each month's balancesheet. These were the things that we had been putting off buying for almost an year. These expenses would have happened within this year anyway. It is just that I rather budget and save for them but I happened to find a couch and tables set that was too cute and inexpensive to pass up. ( sigh!)
Automobile - Some unexpected expenses on our car, again both in June and July. Hope we won't have to allocate this money every month. Ahh! the joys of owning a car.

Personal grooming - I have just finished my budget for the month in a single spa session. This was for something that was very important for me and although I didn't feel good while forking out the money, but I know that I didn't have many options here. The good thing is that it is still within the budget.

So, we are all set to do miserably for the month of July as well.The good thing is that BEB is on board to try our best for the rest of the month and keep spending in check wherever possible. We'll see.

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